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Graphic design work by Nick Goodroad aka DJ Joyride


Nick is now serving Portland Area Event Promoters, bringing vivid visual projection / TV Relay video into your events.

[blockquote]Booking Inquiries: (612) 234-1143 -or- [/blockquote]
  • Incorporate current performer names, promoter names, customized messages throughout your event
  • Include Performer / Promoter event logos
  • Relay the video on multiple tvs / screens in your venue
  • Incorporate Video Capture / Immersive Video (your guests can walk into a fractal image)
  • Change the feel of your venue


CLOSER pdx last night.

I was asked to bring my lighting system to the Drum & Bass PDX Showcase last night. I threw some things together and here are some samples. Thanks to the CLOSER MUSIC FESTIVAL organizers for the invitation to participate. VIEW THE REST OF THE FESTIVAL EVENTS.

In the videos:

[button to=”″ color=”blue”]Miss Ill & Blast Radius[/button] [button to=”” color=”blue”]Jamal (Stamina – SF)[/button] [button to=”” color=”blue”]Jadis + Aksion[/button] [button to=”″ color=”blue”]Dirt Merchant + SenseONE + Kontagious[/button] [button to=”″ color=”blue”]Bloodshot Riddims (me)[/button] [button to=”” color=”blue”]Activate Projection Systems (me)[/button]

Watch on YOUTUBE

You will probably want to turn your audio off after viewing the first video. Series of 6.