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Social changes are coming…

A digital messYou may have noticed a lot more posts from me to DJ Joyride facebook and this website, and A LOT less going to — In fact, a number of you have written asking about some DJ mixes that used to be found at the icedbreaks page that became broken links about 2 months ago. Here is an explanation.

  • has needed an overhaul since 2011, when I moved from Fargo to Portland. I had purchased just a month before moving.
  • DJ is setup as a custom WordPress blog. It is much easier to update, post, and integrate with social media. In fact, I can do it from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Last August, I started the process of changing web hosting companies from Powweb (international customer support) to Hostmonster (100% USA-based). If you’ve ever done this, you’ll know that it is a┬álaborious process. Unless you do it frequently, you’re bound to mess it up. This is where all the broken links came from.
  • Consolidating old podcast blogs, and the old crew blog, migrating email lists have created a big wad of inter-knot that I am still untangling. I’ve had to re-map what the digital future of the crew will look like.
  • DJ is my practice space for social media integration… what I do here will be rolled out into the new enterprise.


Please leave a comment with your words of encouragement. I’m doing what I can.

Andre is a day late. He’s trippin’.

The Modern Day Cupid
These Arrows Go BANG

I tend to put this one out almost every year. Don’t sweat that it’s a day late this year. I was busy.

Lyrical Analysis at RAP GENIUS

You might snag it here.

BONUS VIDEO – Andre Benjamin in the movie BE COOL, see it: