FJR1300: Mystery Leak

My motorcycle is leaking some kind of fluid. I suspect it is brake fluid since the first time I noticed the leak most of the fluid was on the brake side of the rear wheel.

Left Side - fluid leak Right Side - Fluid Leak

The problem I ran into today is getting access to check the brake fluid level. I’ve removed all of the obvious retaining clips and bolts holding “Panel F” in place but there must be that one last bolt I need to remove. I don’t see how I can get it off, unless I remove this decal.

Diagram from Manual My Panel F View

Any ideas?



Feeling Defeated? This song is for you…

I have always wanted to help people to get past their gloomy days. If you’re having one of them today, I think the words of my friend David Ronderos will help. Maybe the rain is just what you need. After all — EVERYTHING NEEDS RAIN TO GROW.

David Ronderos – Rainumbrella


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UK Garage Years by Salim Adam

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‘UK GARAGE YEARS’ is a short film cataloging the years of UK Garage Music through visual interpretation.

Myself and Dwayne Cobham each animated 4 letters, bringing each scene to life in a way in which represented our experience of the genre growing up on in our city of London.

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