Matt’s Kaleidoscope | Neat Stuff

You probably think of North Dakota as a farmer’s paradise; tall crops, open pasture, and a steady noseful of manure. But on the eastern border, shared with Minnesota (remember US Geography?) lies a city called Fargo. Fargo is full of creative people. Among these is Matt Kill. Matt is into optics and a couple of years ago, he brought over his hand-built Kaleidoscope.

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Icedbreaks Summertime BBQ In The Park 2012

Icedbreaks Summertime BBQ in the Park

Date: Sunday, August 12, 2012
Time: 12:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: Oak Grove Park – Fargo, ND

I am very excited to announce that The Grillmaster and Icedbreaks Entertainment are joining forces again this summer to celebrate with our NDHC family. (Ahem… that’s North Dakota Hard Core to you)

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A LowKey Experiment in Groove


Last weekend was a campout party, Boombox In Da Boondox. I was able to throw down after Bomb Shel Bailey early Saturday morning for the ‘sunrise’. I’m not sure that you can call it a sunrise because the overcast skies kept a clear view of the sun from us until the following morning.

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