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VFP: New Concepts in Experimental Photography


Video Feedback Photography (VFP) emerged as the consummate static result of an immersive video installation in the fall of 2011. VFP is the striking result of photographing the feedback effects of uniquely arranged video cameras, HD projectors and high powered lasers. [two_thirds]Watch this video from EMBII’s Autumn Geek Night in Fargo, North Dakota as this stunning project is conceived.

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VFP citations from around the web:

• EMBII – VFP Concepts
• Official VFP Facebook Page
A Fargo Radio Podcast 

This artistic form is very new. In fact, the very first production portraits that emerged from GEEK NIGHT 2011 will be entering the public space in December of 2012.

I anticipate keeping this page up to date, expanding on references to this new photography trend as it develops.

If you have created VFP of your own, I welcome you to share it here. Use our CONTACT PAGE to find the address to forward your images and a brief description of your process, contact information, and  opportunities to see your work in person.


• YouTube: Live fractal projection without a computer

• YouTube: Fractal test with webcam
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